Autograph and Photo Price Guide

  • Autograph = An autographed 8"x10" print of your choosing, included in the purchase price of the autograph.
  • Selfie = A photo of you and the guest taken with your camera at the autograph booth.
  • Combo = Autograph and selfie.
  • Premium = An autograph on a prop, memorabilia or collectible (ex: Funko Pop) that you provide.
  • Some prices are listed as TBA (To Be Announced), and may be announced on site at the event.
  • Autograph prices are subject to change.

How to purchase an autograph or selfie from a special guest:

Autographs and selfies can be purchased on site only. If you would like to purchase an autograph or selfie from a special guest you can find their booth in the Autograph Area. There you will wait in line to purchase your autograph or selfie. Event staff will be there to guide you and answer any questions you might have. Please note: autographs are not included with your admission ticket and must be purchased separately. Please plan to pay cash for autographs, selfies or anything else purchased at the autograph booth.

Autograph Authentication by JSA

JSA will be in attendance for on-site authentication for signatures signed at Anime Fiesta or brought from home. Trusted by all major auction houses, dealers and collectors, any autograph backed by JSA certification enhances the value and marketability of the item. A $10/autograph authentication special will be offered for any item signed at the event. Stop by the authentication booth after meeting the celebrity guest to redeem certification. Please allow up to 3 hours for processing of outside items.

Guest Autograph Selfie Combo Premium Quote
Aleks Le $40 $30 TBA $60 +$20
Chris Sabat $60 $60 $100 TBA +$30
Sean Schemmel $40 $40 TBA TBA +$40
Zach Aguilar $40 $40 TBA $60 +$20